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Corporate Partnership Program

Corporate Membership

The Tulsa Air and Space Museum & Planetarium is pleased to announce the a new, streamlined, and community-focused Corporate Membership Program.  We hope that this program will provide you with an additional option for supporting our amazing educational programs and exhibits, as well as benefit your employees and their families.  We will also proudly recognize our Corporate Members for their community support of the Tulsa Air and Space Museum & Planetarium.

The benefits of the program are simple, and outlined below.  Memberships are annual, and are valid from date purchased.  Any company is eligible to become a Corporate Member at any level.

Museum Admission Benefit

Tickets for individual admission to the Museum & Planetarium will be provided to the Member corporate contact upon receipt of your Membership Contribution.  The tickets are good to the bearer of your choice, and are valid until the end of the Membership Year.

Corporate Membership Level:                  Entitles the Member to:                Tax Deductible Contribution:

   $  1,000.00                                               50 tickets for admission                           $   525.00

   $  2,500.00                                               125 tickets for admission                         $1,315.00

   $  5,000.00                                               250 tickets for admission                         $2,625.00

   $10,000.00                                               500 tickets for admission                         $5,250.00


  • Corporate Member Recognition Benefit

TASM will showcase Corporate Member names and logos on our Museum Kiosk and also feature names on the Planetarium Dome prior to shows and presentations.


  • TASM Membership Benefit

Any full-time employee of a Corporate Member (verified by possession of a company ID card or from an employee list provided by the company) will receive 25% off their first year membership at any level other than Life.

Joining is easy!  Simply print and mail our Corporate Membership Form Here and mail to:


Tulsa Air and Space Museum & Planetarium

3624 North 74th East Ave

Tulsa, OK 74115


Phone: 918.834.9900

Fax: 918.834.6723


Or call the Membership office at 918.834.9900 x 115 and we will be happy to process your corporate membership over the phone.